Q: I ordered the How To Guide and I haven't received my email. Why is that?

A: Depending on your e-mail provider, the email we sent to you may have been filtered and labeled as "junk" or "spam". Make sure to check those folders as well as your inbox. Also, please make sure to set your spam filters to accept e-mails from support@swampcoolerkits.com.


Q: How is the Cooler turned on and off?

With every DIY KIT and Ready to Use Cooler we provide 2 ways to connect your Cooler to a power source.

A: Using the Battery Connectors - Once the Cooler's battery clips are attached to the battery source the Cooler is turned on. Attach the RED FIRST (POSITIVE) and BLACK SECOND (NEGATIVE) To turn the Cooler off simply unclip the battery clips from the battery source. Disconnect the BLACK FIRST (Negative) and RED SECOND (Positive)

A: Using 12 Volt Cigarette Adaptor - Plugging the Adaptor into a 12 Volt Female adaptor turns the Cooler on. Remove the Coolers adaptor from the 12 Volt Female adaptor and the Cooler will turn off.

In both cases.. remember to always check water level in the Cooler bofore turning it on.


Q: Is it ok for the fan to get wet?

A:Nope. You should not let the fan get wet at any time. Getting the fan wet will cause the fan to stop working.


Q: Where do you place the cooler when running?

A:The cooler is intended to be run outside the area and ducted into the space your cooling. The space your cooling should also be vented.


Q: There is some foam inside my cooler while running it.... why?

A: This is due to the Duracool evaporative cooler pad manufacturing process. New mats will foam a bit. This shouldn't impact the cooler operation so long as the bubbles dont get into the fan. One way to minimize foaming would be to remove the matting from the cooler and and spray them down with the hose.


Q: How often should I add water to the bucket?

A: This will depend on the temperature. Ruffly 2 gallons is what is initially put in the cooler. The water level should be checked often and should not be allowed to less than 2 inches above the pump. Running the pump without water will cause the pump to fail. Keep those mats wet! Don't be afraid to get those mats wet when adding water. The wetter the better!


Q: What's the proper way to disconnect and connect the blue connectors?

A: Connecting and disconnecting the blue connectors should ONLY be done while touching both sides of the connector itself. If while disconnecting or connecting you push or pull on the wires going into the connector you run the the risk of pulling the wires out of the connector which would cause the cooler to stop working.


Q: I can't get the lid off my bucket.... why?

A: This is an issue that has come up for some of our customers that build their own. Some lids that come with a gasket have a pull tab that runs around the entire lid. This should be removed or you will risk breaking your bucket trying to get the lid off. All the kits we build come with the tab removed.