How To Guide - Customer Preferred Option

Click here for a free sample of what you can expect from our How To Guide. The PDF Document will open in a new window.


We have taken what we have learned about Bucket Coolers and created a VERY detailed Guide that includes all the information you need to build your own!!

We will email you this Step by Step document that includes A LOT of pretty pictures and a detailed material list to get you through your entire project.

When we say this is detailed we mean it. You'll be blowing cold air out of your DIY bucket swamp cooler in no time!

There is plenty of room to be creative with the design which in the end will make it your own and tailored to how you intend to use it. Isn't it a satisfying when you do something yourself?

Make sure to read the WILL IT WORK FOR ME?? page for information on swamp coolers in general and what size area you can expect to cool off when the cooler is used in an area where swamp coolers are efficient.

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We only ship our products to USA addresses. However, we can email the How to Guide to any email address. International customers CAN purchase the Electronic Copy!

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