READY TO USE KIT - Complete Bucket Cooler  

Ready To Use Kits are $199.00 Delivered.International shipping is not available on this item. USA only.

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When you buy the Ready To Use Kit... Just add some water and hook it up to a 12 volt power source(not included) and your in business. This kit contains the same "Guts" as the DIY Kit we offer.

Make sure to read the WILL IT WORK FOR ME?? page and the HOW DOES IT WORK? page for information on swamp coolers in general and what size area you can expect to cool off when the cooler is used in an area where swamp coolers are efficient. There are some key takeaways on the expectations of the cooler you should know about before making your purchase.

Maintenence and Flexibility are a breeze with our Ready To Use Cooler. We have engineered our Cooler in such a way that if a part fails down the road then you simply would unplug the part and order another. Once you have the new part you would just plug it in and your back in business!

Lets say down the road your fan or your pump stops working. You can replace either without having to destroy all the wiring and start over. Isn't that great?

FLEXIBILITY - We provide 2 ways to connect your Cooler to a battery source. Both Alligator Clips and a Cigarette Adaptor with fuses are included with EVERY Cooler!.

Every one of our Coolers comes with 20 feet of wiring! Not Enough?? Well you can order another length from us and just plug it into the existing wiring! It's that easy!!!


Items included: (Pump, Pump Tube, Drip Ring and Tee, Bucket Lid, Vent Adaptor, Fan with Top AND Bottom Guards, Duct Connector, 20 Feet of Wiring, 12 volt Cigarette Adaptor with Fuse AND Battery Connectors with Inline Fuse Holder and Fuse, Bucket included with vents cut out, DuraCool pads cut to fit, Landscape Fabric installed

Items NOT included: Ducting is not included. Ducting attaches to the adaptor on the top of the cooler and carries the air to where you want it. The cooler should be run outside the space and ducted into the area where you want the cooler air. We have had the best results with the 4" flexible dryer vent hose. However, both flexible and hard ducting can be used.

A battery is also not included.. please review the What Battery Do I Need page for more information.

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