We offer a 14 day warranty on the parts that make up the Ready To Use or DIY Kit. If a part on the cooler fails then we will fix or replace the part.

The buyer will be responsible for shipping costs to return the entire Ready To Use or DIY Kit part(s) back to us for repair or replacement both during and after the 14 day warranty period. We will ship the new or repaired part back to you once we have received the old part.

If you are outside of this 14 day warranty period we have replacement parts that can be purchased at a discounted rate. These replacement parts plug into our Coolers.  You just remove the part to be replaced and unplug the old and plug in the new!!

Make sure to read the HOW DOES IT WORK? page and the WILL IT WORK FOR ME?? page PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE for information on swamp coolers in general and what size area you can expect to cool off when the cooler is used in an area where swamp coolers are efficient.

As always we are just an email away should you need assistance. Please contact us at support@swampcoolerkits.com