We love our RV. We also love dry camping. Camping off the grid with no electrical hookups generally feels more like camping to us.  Unfortunately, no electricity comes with some side effects.  After being unable to sleep in some hot temperatures we knew we had to find a way to keep our bedroom cool enough for taking a comfortable nap. Our bucket cooler has been a great solution for us.  Everywhere we go and use our bucket cooler people always ask what it is and how it works. The second they put the ducting to their face and feel the cold air we know we made a new friend.

People look at the bucket cooler and instantly want to know more about it.  We encourage people to try and build their own.  There is a wealth of information on bucket type swamp coolers out there if people want to do the research. This bucket cooler is very popular with people who make the trip to Burning Man every year.

We had enough people ask us about the bucket cooler that we felt it would be nice to have a place where we could pass on what we have learned. We are well aware not everybody wants to OR has the ability OR even the time to make a cooler for themselves.  With our schedules we have the ability to put together a limited number of coolers each month. This is not a full time job and we do not live off the profits by any means!! Haha!!  When these coolers are used in a place where they work they can be a small little blessing!

Thanks for stopping by our site and stay COOL my friends!!!