We at swampcoolerkits.com are not battery experts and as such we don't offer you a lot of information when it comes to them. What we can tell you is outlined below. The operating amps of the cooler. It is up to you to become educated on batteries so that they can be used in a safe operating manner.

Our bucket cooler runs at 1.9 12 volt amps. Armed with this information you should be able to search internet land to find the appropriate battery needed for your application.

How long do you plan on running the cooler? Unlike a residential unit that runs 24/7 the bucket cooler is intended to run "as needed". This approach also conserves battery consumption. You need to track down a 12 volt battery source with enough amp hours to run cooler for how long you plan to run it.

We have used our cooler on 12 Volt car batteries, RV/Marine style batteries and those portable car charging systems with a 12 volt outlet with success.


Our bucket cooler runs at about 1.9 amps total. So a 105 amp hours deep cycle battery should be able to run the cooler for about 28 hours before it would be wise to recharge the battery.

Generally speaking it's not in the best interest of a battery to use it more than 50% of it's capacity without recharging it. This is why in the above example we say a 105 amp battery should run the cooler for 28 hours instead of 55 hours.

NOTE: We are sorry but we DO NOT offer battery sales. It is up to our customers to find the appropriate battery to use with our bucket cooler. We do encourage everyone to become familiar with capacities and safe operating procedures of batteries prior to connecting any device to one. Batteries can be dangerous if not used or handled properly.


We used the 12 volt port on this PowerPro Dynamite AutoPower Battery (DP300) and it powered the cooler for over 5 hours before needing to be recharged.