So how does a swamp cooler work anyways??? did not invent the swamp cooler. Swamp coolers have been around a very, very long time. The same cooling principles used by ancient people are still used today. Try this... wet the back of your hand with some water and blow on it. You feel that cool feeling? An Air Cooler works basically the same way.

A Swamp Cooler/Evaporative Cooler works by endothermic reaction. This is a reaction that consumes heat. Yep that's right Endothermic ... It's a real word Google it haha. An Evaporative Air Cooler sucks air through pad material saturated with water, as the air flows through this material some of the water evaporates into the air consuming the heat that was in the air. A fan is then used to blow this cool air out of Cooler.


Our bucket cooler works the same way as described above.

Water is added to the bottom of your bucket cooler. Attaching your bucket cooler to a 12 volt power source turns the unit on. Outside air is drawn in through the sides of the bucket by a fan. At the same time a pump takes the water from the bottom of the bucket and pours it over the pads keeping them wet. Considerably cooler air is blown out the top of the bucket.

The bucket is placed near(not in) the area you intend to cool off. 4" ducting is routed from the bucket into the area.

Note: The unit works well in dry climates; not very effective in areas with high humidity as the unit utilizes water to cool. Once you start getting into the upper space limits of the cooler we also recommend using some small battery operated fans to help move the air inside the space.